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Unique technology

We do not sell the services of other services, and work with TOP streamers.


For the analysis of the stream, EXACTLY the number of threads and chatters that you specified for using. No discrepancies!


We constantly improve the quality of service and take care of your safety.

Advertising analysis

Unlike other services, our threads have the ability to analyze ads


We do not disclosure data about our users.

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We are ready to answer any question 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Frequently asked Questions

The accuracy of the data provided depends on the number of threads that you have connected to analyze the translation. The more threads connected to the stream, the more accurate the data.
We have a free subscription, which is available to everyone after registration.
Threads begin to analyze stream gradually, this allows you to get more accurate data. Starting 100 threads will take about 5 minutes.
No, threads are not bots. Threads only analyze the publicly available streaming data.
Chatters allow you to test various plugins and user extensions related to the chat. For example, displaying user messages.
Yes, we have amazing tool for the chatters management for it.
Yes, unlike other services - our threads analyze ads.
Yes, you can change the subscription, even if the current one is still valid. To do this, you need to buy a new subscription for at least 1 day. The amount of time remaining is automatically recalculated for the new subscription, taking into account its cost.
Yes! We have special conditions for those who are engaged in (or want to do) streams professionally. For details - contact support.
Contact technical support, our operators will be happy to help you!

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